Pavilion Hire – Schedule of Charges from 1st April 2021

The hire fee includes use of the main hall, toilets, kitchen, bar-area, and veranda. Parking is available. All hires are subject to the BBPC Terms and Conditions of Hire.

2023/24 Peak times 

Friday from 6pm to Sunday 10pm & Bank Holidays4 hourly rate

Off Peak 

Monday 8am to Friday 6pm 

Hourly rate 

Parishioner  Non Parishioner  Parishioner  Non Parishioner 
Social functions inc social gatherings, celebrations1 £13.86 £27.72 £6 .93 £13.86
Not for profit inc. groups, clubs and societies2 £13.86 £27.72 £6 .93 £13.86
Classes and activities inc sports & exercise classes N/A  £17.91  N/A  £14.44
Commercial N/A  £31.18  N/A  £31.18

(1) The Pavilion is not available for hire for parties for ages 13-21 yrs. See Terms & Conditions of Hire.

(2) The Pavilion may be available free of charge to non-profit making clubs and societies aimed at providing social activities for the under-16s or over-60s or of general benefit to the village. An application for free use should be made to BBPC for consideration.

(3) For repeat hires BBPC may offer a reduction in the hourly rate. An application should be made to BBPC for consideration.

(4) Bank Holidays will be charged at double the hourly rate