From the front to the back window, it’s approximately 15 metres or 49 feet.

The width of the hall is 8 metres or 26 feet.

We can accommodate up to 99 people but no more.

The car park has room for up to 40 cars, but we cannot guarantee that there will always be that many spaces available.

NB: please note the car park barrier will be locked after your event until the next morning.

No. For parties and suchlike, you would need to bring your own sound system but be aware that the pavilion is next to a residential area, so you need to keep the volume at a reasonable level so as not to upset the neighbours and keep front facing windows closed.

Yes, the Pavilion even has a bar area which you are welcome to use.

Yes, however you will need to apply to Milton Keynes Council for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) well in advance of your booking.

The Pavilion’s opening hours are from 8am until 11pm, Monday to Sunday.

Bookings for weekdays from Monday to Thursday (inclusive) are Off-Peak and that is reflected in the hourly rate. Weekend bookings, from Friday to Sunday (inclusive) are charged at a higher rate as they fall within our Peak times.

Yes, we have some big waste bins to the front of the building, on the right-hand side as you face it. One is for recyclable waste and the other is for general waste which cannot be recycled.

We also have about a dozen rectangular tables and 90 chairs. The tables are kept on a rack in front of the bar and the chairs live in the chair cupboard at the back of the pavilion on the left. There are also 6 small tables and about 40 small chairs (for children). We ask you to make sure these are all put away before then end of your hire period.

Yes, as long as there is not another booking right before yours. Be aware however, that the length of time you book for must include your setting up and clearing up time.

We normally need an hour between the end of one booking and the beginning of the next.

Yes, a £250 deposit is required for every booking. However, this is returnable after the hire, assuming there are no issues.

We have a kitchen and a bar area which you are welcome to use as long as they are left clean and tidy at the end of your hire period. We provide Male and Female toilets and also a disabled toilet. In the kitchen you’ll find a microwave oven, a gas range cooker, a tea urn and large teapot, around 50 mugs, 50 matching white teacups and saucers and about 50 plates along with some cutlery.

Yes, folding doors can be extended to create a separate room with its own door. This is useful for meetings where a large hall would not be appropriate.

Yes, there is a First Aid kit in the kitchen and outside on the front wall, to the right of the main entrance, there is a Public Access Defibrillator. This is in a locked cabinet which can be opened with a key-code. You can obtain the code in an emergency by calling 999, asking the Ambulance Service and giving them the Pavilion’s postcode, which is MK17 9JB.

You can see when the Pavilion is booked by going to our Bookings Schedule page at

If you have checked that the Pavilion if available on the date and at the times you require, you can make a booking by filling out our booking form at Pavilion Booking Form. After submitting your form, you can then pay via BACs.

If you are unable to use a credit or debit card for payment, you can use a cheque but you will need to contact the Pavilion Manager at to arrange this.

Yes, you will need to bring your own bin bags for rubbish, washing up liquid, tea towels, cooking equipment like saucepans and baking trays (if you intend to use the cooker), bowls and plates, glasses, cutlery, and tablecloths.

Yes, however, on weekdays the Pavilion is used as a children’s nursery so the best time to visit is a little after 6pm, you can arrange a viewing via