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Cllr Philip Ball

Philip is by birth a south London boy, growing up in Morden where the Northern line stops. His parents were teachers and well involved in the local church. This gave him an appreciation of having visitors from around the world at an early age; it also helped him decide not to be a teacher in later life. As a teenager he started work at weekends and school holidays in shops in roles that involved food in one way or another so his parents hospitality was another influence. After school he pursued catering as a career though that recipe wasn’t to his taste. After some shop and office work, lastly at the BBC, he took up a suggestion made by an acquaintance that he should try nursing.

So, he started training in Edgware – where the Northern line also stops leading to some long tube journeys on days off. The nursing career began 40 years ago and he’s still involved, currently at Milton Keynes University Hospital leading the Palliative Care team. The other major event of Edgware life was meeting Megan who had moved there to begin her teaching career, so no escaping education in the end. Marriage followed and they’ve kept going through moving to MK in 1984, bringing up two boys and hosting several cats, they’ve been in the area ever since.

Bow Brickhill became the latest place to live in for them about 14 years ago, and they enjoy being here with the access to central MK and all it has to offer, as well as the rural aspects of village life. Philip is pleased to join the Parish Council now he’s working close to home so having the time to contribute further to Bow Brickhill life.