3rd Defibrillator Unveiled

Left to right - Phil Sheridan, Cllr Becky O'Rourke, Siobhan Sheridan, Olivia Sheridan

Bow Brickhill has just acquired its third Public Access Defibrillator (PAD). There are already two others, located at Bow Brickhill Pavilion and at the bottom of Church Road by the War Memorial. Situated on the wall opposite number 43 Church Road and near to the top of the hill, it’s hoped that this addition will be of benefit in the future if anyone gets into trouble on the hill.

The Sheridan family (pictured above with Chair of Bow Brickhill Parish Council, Becky O’Rourke, very kindly offered a home for the defibrillator cabinet on their garden wall and they have also provided an electricity supply at no cost to the village. As a kind of thank you, Siobhan Sheridan was asked to cut a ribbon to officially declare the defibrillator open for business, although we hope it will never need to be used.

Bow Brickhill attracts cyclists from all over the country as Church Road offers one of the UK’s steepest hills and whilst most have no problem with it, occasionally it can be too much for some.  Last year a cyclist suffered a heart attack while trying to climb the hill and residents were quick to provide help.  However, he sadly passed away in Milton Keynes hospital several days later.

This new defibrillator will offer an extra option closer to the top of the hill, where cyclists are more likely to have problems.  We should stress that this kind of thing happens very infrequently and we hope our defibrillators will never need to be used. However, it’s good to know they are there, just in case.

Chair of Bow Brickhill Parish Council, Becky O’Rourke, said “We’re proud that a village with a population of fewer than 600 has three defibrillators. I hope we can set an example and that other communities  will follow suit.”

If there comes a time when you need to access a defibrillator, call 999 and give the operator the postcode or code on the door of the defibrillator cabinet.  They will then give you the code to open the door.

Our defibrillators are completely automatic. Your job is to place the sticky pads onto the patient’s chest as instructed. You do not need to know whether to shock them.  The defibrillator carries out diagnostic checks and will know whether the patient needs to be shocked or not so you need not worry about shocking someone unnecessarily.

To find out more, come along to one of our CPR/Defibrillator Awareness sessions at the Pavilion, which are run occasionally.  They’re completely free, only take about two hours and will equip you with the knowledge you will need to be confident in case someone appears to have a heart attack. The next session will be at 7pm on the 6th November.  To book a place contact clerk@bowbrickhill-pc.gov.uk.

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