Bow Brickhill Parish Council Data Protection & Information Security Policy – Amended August 2018



Bow Brickhill Parish Council recognises its responsibility to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, which regulates the use of personal data. It is important that the data that falls within the scope of the act is correctly maintained. This does not have to be sensitive data, it can be just a name and address.

The Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act 1998 regulates how personal information can be collected, handled and stored as well as setting the standard for individuals rights to privacy. This Act applies to anyone who holds data about a person weather this is electronically or on paper.

When we deal with data that is personal we must ensure that:

  • The Data is processed lawfully and fairly
  • The Data is processed for specified reasons only
  • The Data is relevant to what is needed
  • The Data is only retained for as long as is needed, in line with the retention policy
  • All Data is kept secure

Storage and Access to Data

Bow Brickhill Parish Council may hold personal information about individuals. This information is held securely in the Parish Council storage cupboard, and at the Parish Clerk’s Office. This information is not available for public access. The data that is stored is only used for the purpose it is intended for. The Data held electronically on the Parish Council Computer is password protected and backed up regularly.

Once data falls outside the minimum retention time, in line with the Parish Council’s Retention Policy, it will be shredded or deleted from the computer system.


Bow Brickhill Parish Councillors and all employees must sign a confidentiality agreement on starting work. All employees and Councillors must be aware that when complaints and queries are made they remain confidential unless the subject gives permission otherwise. When they handle any personal data or come in to contact with any personal data this must also remain confidential.

Subject Access Request

Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act, you are entitled to see a copy of information the Bow Brickhill Parish Council holds about you. You must provide a written request to the Parish Clerk and you will be entitled to be:

  • Informed if any personal data is being processed
  • Given a description of the personal data, the reason it is being processed, and whether it will be given to any other organisations or people.
  • Given a copy of the information comprising the data, and given the details of the source of the data (where this is available)
  • Entitled to request for incorrect data to be changed
  • Entitled to request that data be deleted “Right to be forgotten”

Bow Brickhill Parish Council will respond to such requests within the current legal time limit of receiving your request.